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Hannic Inc. is a logistics company in the business of arranging for the transportation of dry, refrigerated and frozen food freight via truck. We specialize in connecting refrigerated and frozen shippers with qualified carriers for the services for time-sensitive, highly perishable products.  


Our main focus is on the communication required between all parties involved, as this is the key to a smooth and trouble-free transaction.

Hannic's office is structured so that all logistics coordinators are up-to-speed on all movements currently in progress. Our office is also in direct contact with the carrier 24/7 for any additional load-specific requirements and/or clarifications if necessary. Our team works together to be one contact, one call—for all loads, customers and carriers...start to finish.

We use all of the modern communication tools available: mobile phone, email, web tracing, etc.
We will work with our customers regarding any new technologies your business may require to become fully integrated with your shipping department.


Hannic is a member of TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association), the T&LC (Transportation & Logistics Council), the Better Business Bureau, SmartWay Transportation Partnership, and WIT (Women in Trucking).

Our personnel stay up to date with current industry trends by attending periodic trade meetings
held by TIA and other associations; one of the regular presenters at many of these seminars is
Associated Benefits & Risk (formerly RJ Ahmann Company), the same insurance company
Hannic has been with since its inception.

Debra Maass, Hannic’s president has achieved the CTB (Certified Truck Broker) designation
conferred upon her by

Hannic has proudly adhered to the company mission statement since 1988. It has proven to be
and continues to be an excellent and satisfying journey.

Proudly Supporting


"...To align ourselves with shippers of quality products,

those with whom we would be proud to be associated.


...To integrate seamlessly so that we will become

an extension of our shippers' transportation team

...To offer professional, consistent on-time/on-temp service

to aid our customers in gaining and maintaining market share."

Debra Maass


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